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Marissa in mirrorcave


Combine your safari with the healing experience of yoga, meditation and cultural immersion. During your safari you can choose for a full programme that has daily moments of yoga and meditation or you can choose for just one session or a retreat of several days before or after your wildlife safari. We work together with Marissa from US, who will be your yoga teacher. Marissa Lipovsky is a yoga teacher, mother, and traveler who lives in Tanzania to live with her Tanzanian husband and family. Of note, Marissa's children school together with Ben and Marion's children. Marissa has a fond love of East Africa, and loves teaching yoga and mindfulness, as each of these things has helped her heal in a ways she never thought possible. Her training is in trauma informed body movement, alignment based vinyasa yoga (200 Hour RYT from Yoga Works), and yoga for children (100 Hour RYT). Marissa also has extensive knowledge of Tanzania and East Africa, and is a conversational Swahili speaker, which comes in handy. Come experience these wonderful practices, see this wonderful land, and meet these wonderful people! 

Full yogafariMarissa at lake

Renew your spirit in Tanzania's great plains. Experience a week of healing yoga, meditation, safari, and cultural immersion. Your week in Tanzania will leave you feeling grounded in your body, free in your mind, and light in your soul. Commit to practicing yoga 1-2 times per day, daily meditation and group healing sessions amongst the most beautiful landscape East Africa has to offer. Learn from the Maasai about their herbal healing traditions, and join a 3 day safari to the stunning National Parks in Northern Tanzania (Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater). We will close out our retreat by taking our personal work "off the mat" to engage mindfully with the community in which we are staying.  

We will honor this land where humanity began through ceremony, song, and dance. We will honor our teachers, our ancestors, and all of those who have come before us. We will travel mindfully and tread lightly on this beautiful soil, seeking to learn with all aspects of ourselves. 

If you are looking to reset, renew, and restore in one of the most beautiful and healing places on Earth, join us for this incredible adventure. This is not necessarily a fitness retreat, it is a sacred journey of healing; healing from heartbreak, trauma, loss, or just healing from the struggles of modern life. This journey is open to all levels, from beginning practitioners through advanced. This journey is open to all souls! Every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, body type, religion, is welcome here. May there never be requirements for health and healing to take place. If you are financially unable to commit to this trip, please reach out, as there may be funding available from outside sources. 

Tentative dates for 2021: 29 May-6 June & 13 November-21 NovemberMarissa in cave

*A portion of the proceeds from this trip go to benefit Amani Light , a non profit organization bringing yoga and mindfulness practices to youth in Tanzania, and offering Tanzania yoga retreats to at-risk youth from America. 

Suggestion for itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport and transfer to Moshi. Stay in Honeybadger Lodge. You can expect to begin to feel settled and experience full body awareness through our first practice. Shed your layers of stress, travel, and expectation as you relax into awareness of your breath and body.  

Day 3-5: Soulful safari to Tarangire NP and Ngorongoro Crater. During the safari, we will overnight in places like Isoitok Camp and Simba Karatu Lodge. Each day of safari will differ slightly depending on the group's wishes, but generally we will have a morning sit and yoga session at our camp, and lunch will be served picnic style on the safari. On the last day, we will drive to Africa Amini Safari Lodge for one more yoga session to stretch our legs after a long day of driving. 

Day 6: After returning from safari we will take the day to truly arrive with our bodies and minds in one of the most breathtaking places in the world. Marissa at poolWe will also settle physically into our own bodies, and start the journey of making new friends, with our own selves and others.  Our yoga practice will physically lead us through poses that help to release tension and trauma in the body so that we can be free from our past. Your transformation may begin. It includes: ~ Morning Sit ~ Breakfast ~ Journaling and Yoga Practice ~ Lunch and Free Time  - Optional Nature walk or trip into town for a market tour or to head to some tailors to get clothes or other gifts made. ~ Yoga and Tea ~ Masai Boma (Fireside Dance and Chat) ~ Dinner ~ Evening Sit and Full Moon Reflection

Day 7: Awaken to your full spirit and soul with a day of immersion in Massai culture. Participate in a nature walk, visit a local family, attend a traditional goat slaughter (depending on your views), visit a local school, or travel to visit one of the many other tribes in Tanzania. Certain options may incur an extra cost depending on the distance to your site visit. Also included in our day is a sunrise and sunset yoga session and one session of mindfulness meditation during the day.  Our post sunset yoga will end with a traditional Massai boma with songs and dancing. 

Day 8: Take time to internalize your journey with a silent day of meditation, gentle yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and finally breaking the silence with a fireside share in the evening. The hope is that your soul has been transformed and you have begun to resonate with your highest self and your highest potential. Your return to home will be filled with love and gratitude for all of the beauty and heartfulness of this world. 

Day 9: Transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport. Karibuni tena to magical Tanzania.

Yogafari retreat

If you prefer to keep your safari and yoga separate. You could choose for the retreat option. This means that we can add a number of days to your safari (before or after) for a full yoga retreat. We really recommend African Amini Maasai Lodge for this, but the choice is yours.Yoga croup

Suggestion for itinerary

Day 1: Since you’ve been waking early on safari or the mountain, you can rise when you’re ready and begin your day with a soulful, reflective yoga class that will help you work out all the kinks in your body. Your breakfast will be ready as soon as class is over and you can enjoy a mindful meal. After breakfast we will practice a short walking meditation to acquaint you with the lodge. Daily Activity: Choose from the following options for your daily activity: Nature Walk, Maasai Beading Workshop, Visit to Local Tribe, Market Tour (food market), Market Tour (clothes, home goods, etc.), Local Cooking Class and Meal, Reflective Art, Visit to Local School, Visit to Hot Springs, Visit to Waterfalls, Visit to Local Tailor to create clothes, OR just Relax at the lodge taking it all in. ~ Free Time - After you return from your activity, you can take some time to yourself on the grounds. Journaling activities, inspirational books, healing arts (massage, acupuncture, sound healing, talk sessions) will be available ~ yoga class and circle ~ Sunset and Meditation ~ Dinner and fire ~ free time and head to room for rest

Day 2:  Sunrise yoga ~ Breakfast ~ meditation ~ Daily activity (See Day 1 options) ~ Free time ~ Yoga class and healing circle ~ Local herbal medicine circle ~ Dinner and fire with healing meditation – heartfulness and gratitude for joining

Yogafari session

If you are in for a single session, we can arrange that for you, no matter if you are new to yoga or experienced. In and around Moshi, Marissa can come to your lodge or hotel for a candid yoga-retreat. She also has her own space for a sunset retreat which about half an hour drive from Moshi town. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Tanzania while in the middle of nature. Enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru while preparing your yogamat. During your yoga-retreat in a Maasai style space, the sun will set in the West and after your retreat you will be able to enjoy the magnificent African starry skies.