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Marion & Ben

Terms & Conditions

Several terms and conditions apply when you book a trip with us.

Booking and paying your trip
Together with you, we will come to an agreement on the itinerary of your trip. After agreement, we will send you our bank details (US dollar account with Exim Bank in Tanzania). We are now also accepting creditcard, but with an additional fee of around 4% (depending on the interest rates) of the total amount. We will ask you to pay 25% of the costs within two weeks after booking and the rest (75%) at least six weeks before the start date of your trip. These settlements are needed to secure the bookings of your flights and lodges.

Our Cancellation policy
We understand that there may be reasons that may make you to cancel your trip. As we have to arrange quite a few things before your trip starts, we have the following cancellation policy:

We advise you to have a good cancellation insurance within your travel insurance to prevent high expenditures in case of cancelling your trip.
NB: We cannot be held responsible for bad weather conditions.

Unforeseen changes in park fees and government taxes

Due to several reasons, the government of Tanzania may decide to change park fees or taxes. These are not included in the price of your safari and are out of our control. Although, we understand this may be inconvenient to you, if any change happens, we might have to charge you for that. In any circumstance, we will always look for the best way out.

Physical and material damage

Caracal Tours & Safaris Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring during any trips booked or done through Caracal Tours & Safaris. We advise you to arrange an adequate travel and health insurance.

To prevent any trouble, we advise you to arrange good travel insurance including a cancellation policy.

For clients from the Netherlands, see www.joho.nl